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Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Barry Fischer

Welcome to the Law Offices of Beverly Hills Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Barry Fischer. Mr. Fischer is a highly skilled legal advocate whose law practice has been dedicated solely to the practice of Divorce and Family Law Related issues for 30 years.

When you’re engaged and your future spouse has asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement, or you want your future spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets or future income, contact us at (310) 788-0900 to make an appointment for a free, confidential consultation.

Our Beverly Hills Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers draft and review prenuptial agreements on behalf of clients who are about to enter into marriage. We can answer all of your questions about prenuptial agreements, review any premarital agreement that you have been asked to sign, draft a comprehensive and fully enforceable prenup, and negotiate more favorable terms on your behalf.

Conveniently located in Beverly Hills with offices located just off of Rodeo Drive, the Law Offices of Family Law Attorney Barry Fischer represents clients throughout the County of Los Angeles.

Prenuptial & Premarital Agreements in Beverly Hills

Prenuptial agreements are designed to provide financial protection and emotional assurance in case your marriage or domestic partnership ends in dissolution or death.

Although the terms may differ extensively, premarital agreements often settle specific issues, including but not limited to the following:

Under the law, matters concerning children may not be controlled by means of a premarital or postnuptial agreement.

At the Law Offices of Beverly Hills Family Law Lawyer Barry Fischer, we have been drafting, revising and reviewing premarital agreements for 30 years. Our attorneys possess the experience necessary to provide the sound legal counsel and assistance that you need before entering into a premarital agreement.

These agreements can have long-lasting implications with respect to your financial security, and experienced and sound advice is essential. Every couple’s situation is unique, and we listen carefully to your needs and goals to provide the best legal advice possible based on these factors.

Contact Beverly Hills Premarital Agreement Attorney Barry Fischer

At the Law Offices of Beverly Hills Premarital Agreement Lawyer Barry Fischer, our primary goal is to educate our clients so they are capable of making informed decisions prior to entering into a premarital agreement. Contact us today at (310) 788-0900 to schedule your free in office consultation.