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Beverly Hills Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

The Law Offices of Beverly Hills Family Law Lawyer Barry Fischer provides expert legal advice and representation to clients in Beverly Hills and throughout Los Angeles County. A highly skilled practitioner with more than 30 years’ experience, Family Law Attorney Barry Fischer is a skilled mediator, negotiator and litigator, who possesses the requisite experience needed to modify a prior court order.

Contact the Law Offices of Lawyer Barry Fischer at (310) 788-0900 to make an appointment for a free in office consultation with one of our seasoned lawyers. Beverly Hills Family Law Attorney Barry Fischer is a California State Certified Family Law Specialist dedicated exclusively to the representation of clients in Divorce and Family Law related matters.

Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Law Offices of Family Law Attorney Barry Fischer helps individuals obtain modifications to a broad range of Family Law judgments, including those pertaining to:

If Lawyer Barry Fischer is unable to successfully mediate your modification due to the other party’s unreasonable demands or refusals, he won’t hesitate to litigate your matter. It is essential to prove that a change of circumstances has taken place before a modification will be granted.

The following demonstrate life changes that generally result in a judge modifying a prior order:

With respect to the modification of final property settlement agreements, the Court will generally refuse to revisit this issue unless the moving party can prove that their ex-spouse omitted assets or engaged in fraud, duress, or coercion that adversely affected the division of marital assets.

However, under California Law the injured spouse must bring a motion for modification within a relatively short time frame after the final divorce decree was issued. Therefore, it is crucial to retain an experienced Family Law Attorney to review your case if you believe that your ex-spouse engaged in any of these behaviors during your divorce proceedings.

Contact a Beverly Hills Family Law Modification Attorney Today

If you have reason to believe that you are currently experiencing a change in circumstances that would warrant a post-judgment modification, contact Beverly Hills Family Law Lawyers at the Law Offices of Barry Fischer at (310) 788-0900 to make an appointment for a free consultation. One of our caring, experienced attorneys will meet with you to review the facts of your case and determine if you should bring a motion for post-judgment modification.