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Beverly Hills Community Property Lawyer Barry Fischer

The Law Offices of Beverly Hills Family Law & Community Property Attorney Barry Fischer has been providing expert representation to clients involved in property division disputes since 1986. A California State Certified Family Law Specialist dedicated solely to the practice of Divorce and Family Law, Mr. Fischer has handled a wide variety of property division matters, including numerous complex high asset cases.

A Martindale Hubbell AV Preeminent Peer Rated Law Firm, the Law Offices of Barry Fischer has successfully represented thousands of Family Law clients. Our knowledge and skill can help you secure and protect your personal and real property, as well as your financial assets. Mr. Fischer has earned a reputation for excellence among his peers, and will work diligently with you, opposing counsel, and the Court to obtain a reasonable and just solution to your community property division disputes.  

Contact Beverly Hills Law Offices of Divorce and Property Division Lawyer Barry Fischer at (310) 788-0900 to schedule a free, confidential consultation with one of the region’s leading Family Law Firms. Located in Beverly Hills, the Law Offices of Barry Fischer represents clients throughout Los Angeles County.

Community Property Attorney in Beverly Hills

California is a community property state. As such, a general presumption exists that all assets and debts acquired throughout the course of a marriage belong to the marital community and should be evenly divided upon divorce. Under the law, the marital estate ceases to exist at the date of separation and the characterization of property falls under one of the following categories:

Community Property Division cases lead to hotly contested and time consuming litigation when the parties disagree about the date of separation or characterization of property, and these issues can have a substantial impact on the valuation and division of the marital estate.

At the Beverly Hills Law Offices of Family Law Lawyer Barry Fischer, we possess a comprehensive understanding of California’s community property laws. Our seasoned lawyers will thoroughly analyze your case, carefully investigate every detail of your marital finances, and review the separate property assets that each spouse is claiming. We fight to protect your assets, which may include physical assets such as cars or real property, pensions, monies held in a 401k account, jewelry, antiques, artwork, or monies paid from royalties.

In complicated cases we will enlist the services of forensic accountants, financial analysts, appraisers, and business valuation specialists. The skilled lawyers at the Law Firm of Barry Fischer are meticulous and thorough when handling property division matters, and know how to analyze and challenge issues raised by opposing counsel regarding the distribution, valuation and characterization of assets and debts.

If property division disputes cannot be resolved through mediation or settlement negotiations, we will aggressively litigate your case in the Family Law Court and fight to help you achieve your goals.

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If you are presently embroiled in a property division dispute, contact the Law Firm of Beverly Hills Certified Family Law Specialist Barry Fischer at (310) 788-0900 to schedule a free, in depth consultation with one of the area’s leading Family Law & Divorce Law Firms.

Dedicated to the practice of Family Law for 30 years, Attorney Barry Fischer is a highly seasoned and skilled legal advocate who listens to his clients to understand their needs, and fights zealously to protect his clients’ best interests.

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